Security Guards can patrol and monitor your premises to prevent theft, violence and infractions of rules; authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors and other persons to guard against theft; operate and monitor CCTV systems to prevent theft or passage of prohibited articles; answer alarms and investigate disturbances; patrol premises to prevent or detect signs of intrusion and respond to emergencies. They are already considered imperative for many organizations and we are discussing here whether it is better to hire and train your own Security Guard workforce or outsource this service to a Security Guard Service Provider – such as 4D Protection. If you already have an in-house workforce and are considering switching to a Security Guard Service Provider, this article is also for you.

For some companies, a reluctance to outsource may be because they feel they will lose control of their security program. So first of all, be assured that in an outsourced situation you remain responsible for specifying the services you require and setting standards. Your Guards can be properly trained to your specifications which might include varying levels of First Aid, CPR and AED or hazardous materials handling (WHMIS): If you are working with the right Guard Service Provider, they should be delivering quality, well trained personnel and providing enhanced customer service.   At 4D Protection we strive to exceed your expectations every day! For many reasons, we believe that outsourcing is the better option:

Outsourcing is Cost Competitive: Your Guard Service Provider will advertise, interview, check references, uniform, orientate and train your Security Guards. Remember that hiring a full-time Security Guard entails all the same costs as a regular employee but with added uniform and specialized training expenses. In the same way as you are expert in your industry, we are expert in ours.

Outsourcing provides Workforce Flexibility: Your Guard Service Provider gives you flexibility to add Security personnel to deal with a problem or special event or to reduce security staff when necessary. In an extreme case, if you consider a particular Guard is just not suited to your facility, that Guard can be replaced.

Outsourcing takes care of Administration and Scheduling: Both are time-consuming and complicated by sickness or other absences. Your Guard Service Provider takes care of managing your Guards and will provide a trained replacement Guard often at short notice due to sickness or whenever one of your Guards is on vacation.

Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your Core Business: Some companies make the decision to outsource simply because it makes sense to them to outsource all support functions that are not associated with their core business. This way they can concentrate on effectively competing within their own industry.

Empower your Security Manager: Companies with a Security Manager recognize that outsourcing their Security Guards allows that individual to concentrate on the more prominent areas of their position rather than spending the majority of their time on the day-to-day management of Guards.

Liability: Companies are also choosing to outsource because of liability considerations. Areas of risk to consider are Workers’ Safety and Insurance, Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment. Lawsuits are both costly and time-consuming and insurance premiums are constantly on the rise. To meet the requests of our Clients, 4D Protection maintains Liability Insurance way in excess of industry licensing requirements.

Access to Security Expertise:   Our Clients benefit from unrestricted access to the Investigation and Security Systems Design and Integration resources of sister company Focus 4D Inc., established 1985.

If you currently employ In-House Security Guards:
In Ontario, if you are an employer that directly employs in-house Security Guards, you must register as such an employer every year with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services through ServiceOntario.

 If you are considering switching to a Security Guard Service Provider, remember that you will not necessarily lose your existing Security workforce as Continuity of Employment regulations will apply. Please see our Blog, ‘Do you want to change your Security Guard Service Provider?’


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