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We have defined five important attributes which must be evident for a successful 4D Security Guard:  During the interview process, we can establish our first four attributes – Grooming, Personality, Personal Aspirations and Life-Style Fit.  The fifth attribute which is Character, is a different beast and while we may acquire a sense of character during interview, the reality is that good character will only be confirmed through scrutiny during the probationary period.

It is our opinion that a Guard who is properly trained, informed and equipped will be confident and effective in the execution of their duties.  Therefore new Guards are provided with thorough training which involves the Operations Team, Site Supervisor, comprehensive Site Post Orders plus appropriate tools and equipment.

At each phase of training throughout their three-month probationary period, new Guards are assessed and tested to ensure full understanding of their position.  Thereafter, continued training and information updates ensure our Guards continue to be successful.

Value Added Services

In our view, the main functions of a Security Guard are Personnel and Asset Protection, Access Control, Surveillance and Response. These responsibilities can be complemented with a contribution to operational activities which indirectly support the security objective – thereby offsetting some security cost.




Site Traffic Control

Temperature Monitoring

SHE Support

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Our business model is based upon effective performance.  It is our view that if we fail to exceed our Clients’ expectations, they must be free to cancel our service without notice or financial penalty.

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